Welcome to a public UDD mirror

This is a public, unofficial mirror of the Ultimate Debian Database.

How to use it

Use these credentials:

Or (remember, the password is udd-mirror):

psql --host=udd-mirror.debian.net --user=udd-mirror udd --password

If you need to query the database inside a script (i.e. in a non-interactive shell) you can set the

environment variable with the password.

It's also available on port 465 for the convenience of people behind weird firewalls.

This service used to be available under a different name, public-udd-mirror.xvm.mit.edu, with a different user and password (

We decided to simplify the naming into
, but the old address and the old user/password will continue to work indefinitely, we have no plans to deprecate and remove them.

Uptime notes


The best way to report issues is using Github issues.

I will also track to-do entries there.

The debian-qa mailing list is the best way to reach the UDD team. You can also find Asheesh and Mattia there, and they don't mind if you discuss problems on the mailing list instead of via personal mail to them. Note that since this mirror is unofficial, it is provided on a best-effort basis and Asheesh is fundamentally responsible for maintaining server uptime, not anyone else on the debian-qa list.


Hosted by XVM at MIT.

Administered by Asheesh Laroia, paulproteus at debian.org, and Mattia Rizzolo, mattia at debian.org.